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If you’re looking for a light-hearted, satirical read, then you’ll want to check out Who Moved My Cheese. This book is written by Robert J. Metz and it tells the story of a cheese factory worker who has to find another job when his cheese is moved to another location.

who moved my cheese book- details and reviews

Who moved my cheese? is a book that was written by Dr. Robert J. Metz and illustrated by Gerald McGinnis. The book is about a mouse named Cheezy who is trying to figure out where his cheese has gone. Along the way, he meets other characters who help him to solve the mystery.

Reviews of Who moved my cheese? are generally positive. Some parents find the humor in the book while others appreciate the educational aspects. Most reviewers agree that the illustrations are well done and help to explain the story. Many parents say that they would recommend Who moved my cheese? to their children.

The book has been praised for its humor and its ability to make learning about economics fun. Readers have also commented on how much they’ve learned from the book. Whether you’re a student looking for an entertaining read or an adult looking to learn something new, Who Moved My Cheese is a great option.

plot summary of who moved my cheese book

The Plot Summary of Who Moved My Cheese is as follows:

A farmer is very worried about his milk production. He has tried different methods to increase milk production but to no avail. One day, he has a brainstorm and decides to move his cheese to another part of the farm. His cheese proves to be a success and he becomes very famous. People from all over the world ask him how he did it. The farmer finally reveals that he moved his cheese.

This book is a great read for kids and adults alike. It is full of humor and teaches valuable lessons about hard work and determination. The plot summary gives you a good idea of what the book is about, so if you’re looking for a good read, this is it!


about the author of who moved my cheese

Cheese truly is a food that can unite people from all over the world. It’s considered a national dish in many countries and it can be found pretty much anywhere you go. In fact, it’s so popular that it has even been made into a book!

The author of “Who moved my cheese?” is Dr. Robert J. Metz, and it was published in 1978. The story follows a group of mice who are trying to figure out how to get cheese from one end of the maze to the other. They eventually figure out that the cheese has been moved and they have to find who did it!

This book is great for kids because it teaches them about problem solving and teamwork. Plus, it’s hilarious! If you’re looking for a funny children’s book that will make you laugh, check out “Who moved my cheese?”



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