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If you are in the medical field and looking for the perfect physiology book that completely covers all the topics, your search ends here. There are so many books that you can choose from but not all of them cover each and every topic relevant to your course. That’s why we had made your life easier by suggesting a book that covers your complete physiology course in a pdf version. 

Pdf is the best option to study as they are accessible everywhere and you can carry them where you want easily. Another important benefit of having a pdf book is that you can share the content with your classmates. You can always zoom in and out for the ease of your eyes. 

A course in physiology is not only helpful in a specific career such as the health profession but it serves you knowledge in many different aspects of your life. You can use the information to benefit your own health, make you able to do healthful choices, and a quick action when certain signs of illness arise. From this book, you can get a lot of information about medications, nutrition, medical devices, and procedures, and also helps you to understand the difference between infectious and genetic diseases. At some point, anyone in your family may have some problem with some aspect of his or her body, and your knowledge about physiology will help you to be a better spouse, colleague, parent, friend, or caregiver.

Recommendation for the best 

In this article, we have selected the right book that answers all your queries regarding physiology and makes your life easier. We have done hours of research and gone through so many books to select the best book of physiology that matches the needs of every medical student. Your book should contain all the course contents of physiology such as introduction to human body, chemical, cellular, and tissue level organization, support and movement, regulation, integration and control, human development and continuity of life, etc. Here we are suggesting a book that provides complete details of every topic of physiology. 

AK Jain Physiology pdf is the best book that contains all the new and updated concepts of physiology. Physiology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of the functioning of a living organism and its body parts. So, it is very helpful for everyone to understand how the human body works and how you can maintain the effectiveness of your body parts.  

Here are some salient features of AK Jain Physiology pdf

In the book AK Jain Physiology pdf, a significant attempt has been made to meet all the goals as per newly framed MCI guidelines. It provides complete coverage of the physiology concepts for students of all disciplines in the medical profession.
Salient features of this textbook:

  • It has the new and updated concepts are incorporated and simplified for better understanding. The pdf book is presented in a pleasant way that readers do not feel any difficulty while reading. 
  • There are competency and sub-competencies in the book and the whole book is organized in the same way which is easy and enjoyable for the reader. A number of illustrations, exercises, and examples have been added to each chapter that explains the concepts clearly. 
  • There is a multiple-choice question (MCQs) at the end of each chapter in order to revise all the topics for better preparation. This is a good way of self-testing that makes exam preparation easier. 
  • Study questions are added according to the requirement of the new Graduate Medical Education Regulation of the MCI. 
  • There are many more clinical pictures are added to explain each and every clinical concept clearly. 
  • Pdf Book of Physiology has 205 tables, 2500 multiple choice questions, 825 figures including flow chart, and more than 1350 study questions. 


  • New and updated content
  • Well organized.
  • Exercise and Illustrations for better preparation.
  • According to MCI guidlines.
  • Tables, figures qnd flow charts to explain concepts better.


  • Exam oriented (mostly MCQs), might skip in depth details.

Q1. How is the AK Jain Book for Physiology?

AK Jain Physiology book is an exam-oriented book and helps you a lot in preparation for your exam. Go for it if you want to understand things better and gain more knowledge. 

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