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Harrison’s 20 is the go-to reference book on the updated understanding of pathology for medical students of all levels, even for medical specialists. The 20th Edition of Harrison contains all the updated information of the 19th Edition published in 2012. However, the book’s purpose remains the same and provides up-to-date and comprehensive information for learners of medical careers or even experienced medical physicians and consultants. 

Many experienced and experts have reviewed the latest updates from journal literature to provide a solid foundation for the practice of medicine. Harrison 20 is divided into 20 parts and covers a broad range of topics, including the profession of medicine, presentation of disease and cardinal manifestations, oncology, inflammatory, immune-mediated and rheumatological diseases and disorders related to environmental exposures. The parts are divided into specific sections, such as critical neurologic care, therapy for bacterial disease, and pain. Furthermore, sections are subdivided into chapters covering particular conditions such as urticaria and allergic rhinitis with lists of more reading suggestions. 

Moreover, the book contains so many colorful figures, intuitive tables, and algorithms for better understanding. The book has a point patience management algorithm that refers a reader directly to the desired page, and it is super easy to use it once a reader becomes familiar with the book. In addition, there is a list of available videos that covers supplemental topics such as microbial bioterrorism, atlases of rashes, a lumbar puncture technique, an oral manifestation of disease, and electrocardiography. An electronic version is also available online for separate purchases and allows a 30-day subscription or more. 

This new Edition continues the amazing history of Harrison’s book by providing comprehensive information in internal medicine. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20th edition provides the informational foundation that medical professionals need to provide the best patient care possible. In addition, the book is highly important for education and practice for medical students, and the key features of the book include:

Thoroughly Revised Content:

The book covers all the recent advances and updates in clinical medicine that have occurred recently. Chapters include topics that cover chronic and acute diseases, hepatitis, immune-based therapies in cancer, management of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and many more. Also, the book delivers the updated information on diagnostic options, disease mechanism and specific guidance every medical physician need to provide the best optimal patient care. 

It covers all the disease mechanisms: 

The book mainly focuses on pathophysiology and links diseases mechanism to their treatments. Provide comprehensive information on how diseases develop and progress and provide ways for higher-value care, and have an improved and fascinating reading format. The 20th Edition of Harrison also summarizes the important and recent basic science developments such as the immune system’s role in the treatment and development of cancer, the role of mitochondria in narcotic and programmed cell death, the role of the microbiome in health and disease, and the telomere shortening in the aging and disease processes. Understanding the precise mechanisms of immune deficiency in AIDS/HIV, the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease, obesity as a predisposition to diabetes and prions, and misfolded proteins in neurodegenerative are just a few examples that Harrison’s 20 is providing. These examples provide important pathophysiology information for medical professionals. 

All-new sections of the book cover a broad range of emerging areas of vital interest to all healthcare professionals

The 20th Edition of Harrison includes new sections: Obesity, sex and gender-based issues, metabolic syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus, and consultative medicine. The new part also covers the cutting-edge topics in clinical medicine and research that includes chapters containing recent information about epigenetics in health and disease, genomics and infectious diseases, behavioural strategies to improve health and disease, telomere function in health and diseases, emerging neuro therapeutic technologies and network system medicine. 

Essential and timely new chapters

The book includes important and timely new topics such as LGBT health, promoting good health, approach to medical consultation, worldwide changes in patterns of infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, neuromyelitis, and much more. It also covers the latest and renowned topics in medical education and practice.  

Modernized clinical procedures, practiced opinions, and treatment approaches from renowned authors and editors

Harrison’s 20 provides immediacy and accuracy of the content and presents a blueprint for optimized patient recovery. 


  • Reader-friendly format.
  • Self-assessment book.
  • Well-explained topics with fugues, table and algorithms.


  • Some people are complaining that the book binding is short serving.

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