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Looking for a thrilling read that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat? Check out the latest release from author Catherine Steadman – House on Mango Street. This book tells the story of four girls, who after being orphaned at a young age are taken in and housed by an abusive couple on Mango Street. The plot thickens as more and more people turn up seeking shelter on Mango Street, complicating the lives of the girls even further. If you’re looking for a suspenseful read that’ll keep you glued to your Kindle, then House on Mango Street is definitely worth your time!

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Blog section for the article “the house on mango street pdf” details and reviews. The book is about a young girl named Mango who lives on mango street with her parents. Her best friend is a parrot named Lola. One day, Mango’s parents go away on vacation and leave her home alone.

Mango starts to feel scared and lonely at home, so she goes exploring the neighborhood. She finds a little house that looks abandoned, but she decides to check it out anyway. Inside the house, she finds an old journal and some strange symbols all over the walls. Suddenly, the door slams shut behind her and she’s trapped! Can Mango figure out how to escape before her parents come back?

plot summary

The House on Mango Street is a novel written by Sandra Cisneros. The novel is about a family that lives on mango street. The family consists of a mother, father, son, and daughter. The mother is an immigrant from Mexico. The father is an American. The son is a teenager. The daughter is a young child.

The family’s life is not easy. They live in a difficult neighborhood. They have to deal with gangs and crime. But they also have their happy moments. For example, the daughter loves spending time with her grandmother.

The House on Mango Street is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Kahlil Gibran. The novel is about a family of five who lives in a house on mango street. The family’s patriarch, Mr. Kappas, is a widower who has three children: his son, Mr. Mouzourakis, and his daughters, Missie and Peggy. Missie is the oldest and the most rebellious of the Kappas children. Peggy is the youngest and the most obedient. The other two children in the family are Mr. Mouzourakis’ infant son, Stephanos, and Mr. Kappas’ younger daughter, Angeliki.

One day, while Mr. Kappas is away at work, Missie comes home and finds her father with another woman in bed. Furious at her father for cheating on her mother with another woman, Missie drives him out of the house and decides to move in with her uncle in Athens. However, before she can leave town, her brother Stephanos dies in a car accident. Devastated by Stephanos’ death, Missie decides to return to live with her father and siblings after all.
Meanwhile, Peggy has been dating Tony, a nice young man from the neighborhood. One night, while they are lying in bed together, Tony’s older brother comes home and starts beating Tony up. Peggy runs out of the house to get help, but by the time she returns, Tony has already been killed. Peggy is inconsolable and stays home from school the next day to mourn her boyfriend’s death.

One day, Peggy goes to visit her grandmother who lives on mango street. Her grandfather tells her a story about a beautiful princess who was cursed with a life of poverty because she was too kind-hearted. Inspired by her grandfather’s story, Peggy decides to start working hard in order to save up money so she can buy herself a pretty dress and go out with her friends like other girls do.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mouzourakis is attending college on mango street and becoming more politically active each day. One day, he comes home and finds his father with another woman in bed. Furious at his father for cheating on his mother with another woman, Mr. Mouzourakis drives him out of the house and decides to move in with his Uncle Haralambos in Athens.

As a child, Margot loved going to her aunt’s house on mango street. The vibrant colors, the smell of baking bread in the air, and the friendly cats were all Margot enjoyed. When she was grown, Margot decided to buy the house on mango street herself- even if it did cost a bit more than she wanted to spend. Now that she’s lived in the house for a while, Margot has learned some things about it that she never knew before. For example, she found out that there is a secret room behind the staircase!


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The author of the blog, Sandra Cisneros, is a Mexican American writer and professor. She has written several novels, including The House on Mango Street.


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